Newspaper Templates for Kids

A guide to the best templates for newspapers and newsletters for children

Free Newsletter Templates for Teachers to Use in Classrooms

A key to improving academics in the classroom is staying in contact with parents and having an open line of communication. Parents are able to assist their children with their studies if they know what the current academic focus in the classroom is. One way to improve communication between the school and home is to create a newsletter that is sent out on a regular basis. Having newsletter templates for teachers makes it easy.

A classroom teacher will want to decide which information will be most valuable for families. If a teacher focuses on a different reading strategy each month, then they may want to include a reading strategy section in the newsletter so that parents can help with the current strategy when they do reading at home. Another section to have in a template could be an upcoming events section. Each month, the teacher could fill in the information so that parents are able to plan ahead for field trips, class celebrations or school-wide events.

Newspapers For Students

For older grades, having a newspaper template may be a great way free newsletter template downloads for teachersto involve the children in creating a class newspaper that would serve a similar function as the newsletter. Children can be grouped in teams and assigned a specific section, such as the science unit they are studying, a summary of how a school fundraiser went or a preview of an upcoming school play. It is a fantastic way to teach writing skills, team-building and working on a real, tangible project.

For teachers who want to keep in communication effectively and efficiently with families, newsletter templates for teachers can be just the tool they are looking for. Having a pre-made template makes it simple to fill in new information.

Image Credit: Valerie Everett