Newspaper Templates for Kids

A guide to the best templates for newspapers and newsletters for children

Free Newspaper Templates for Kids Online Here

Helping your child to learn creativity is increasingly more difficult in our digital age.  Developing a method to teach both creativity and familiarity with technology can be a difficult process; one popular method for accomplishing this task it to provide newspaper template for kids that allow them to express their thoughts,

write journal entries, write about camp, school, or sports, complete a homework assignment, or simply to start their own magazine or newspaper with a friend.

Here on our site you will find dozens of templates for kids to create their own newspapers all free.  If you choose to purchase our premium pack you will have even more options and a more professional paper.


What Formats do we Have for Free Newspaper Template Downloads?

At newspaper templates for kids we provide several formats fornewspaper templates for kids our templates including MS word, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, and Google Docs.  Many of our newspapers can be edited directly online so you don’t have to worry about downloading anything to your computer until you are happy with the final product.

For most children the Google Doc or Ms Word option will be the best as it will allow for the to easily edit the Google Doc directly online or download and open the document in Microsoft Office and begin editing their newsletter right away.  All of the newsletter template designs are set up for easy and fast formatting. Simply open the document up and begin typing in the fields.  For images all you need to do is click on the image and then select “insert” and either clipart or image.  This will allow you to place any image you would like where an existing image is on the template.

How to Save Your Newspaper to your Computer

Downloading your newspaper template is very easy.  Just click on the download file and it will begin saving to your computer within a few seconds.  The file will usually go directly to your “downloads” folder unless you have specified another location for downloads to go.  Once you open you document template you can save it to a different location and then print, email, or save from any computer or printer.

Browse through our site and feel free to use any of our free newspaper article template designs in any way you wish!  You will find that we have rounded up all of the best options here on our site.  Our premium pack includes several formats and designs that are more professional, streamlined, and eye catching.  Our premium newspaper template downloads all must be downloaded to you computer where you can then edit and use them in any way you wish.

5  Fun Newspaper Ideas for Kids

Coming up with that hit article can be a challenge.  Some newspaper writers have to rewrite their article over and over in order to get it just right.  Below are 5 steps that will help you to write the perfect story or make the perfect paper!

Choose topics that you love – if you write about things that you love you will find that you will love working on your paper.  If you decide to write about things that you don’t really enjoy than soon enough you will stop working on the paper because you are bored.  Try one of the topics below:

  • Friends
  • Band
  • Summer Vacations
  • Pets in your neighborhood
  • Family newsletter
  • A hobby (knitting, scrapbooking, bike repair)

Focus on your audience – remember that your newspaper is for your audience.  If your audience is just you and a friend than you can make it personal!  If your newsletter is for your family than remember to write about them also.  People love to hear their name.  Try putting in the names of other people . . . this will also get them to read your newspaper.

A good title can go a long way – the first thing people will see is the title of your article.  Make sure it is short, catchy, and makes them want to learn more.

People love pictures – a picture really is worth one thousand words.  Find pictures that help to tell your story.  This is way most if not all of our newspaper templates for kids have places for images.

Try interviewing – having a hard time coming up with a story? Try interviewing someone who knows about your topic.  They will love talking about their interests and will share the story with their friends.


Download and enjoy our free newspaper templates for kids today

Feel free to enjoy any of our templates and share them with your friends and family.  If you decide that you want a more professional or catchy theme for your newsletter or newspaper be sure to check out our PREMIUM newspaper templates, all of which are high quality and can be shared, printed, or saved as well.  If you are looking for newsletter templates for teachers be sure to check out the previous link.  Please take a moment to use one of the free newspaper templates for kids free at any time.


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